Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I am Mother... Hear me roar...

I am exhausted, overwhelmed, over worked, underpaid, pissed off, elated, filled with remorse, filled with gratitude… I run the gammon from feeling like Super Mom to Mommy Dearest. I have been a SWM (Single, Working, Mom) for the last month and a half… (My man’s been away). In fact that was the posts title about a week ago as I wrote it in my head racing across town from a dentist appt with one of my kids, to pick up another whilst stopping for a quickie (I wish, only a business meeting) with her in tow.  I felt like the worst Mom in the world as she sat in a corner, nursing her mouth with an orange Creamsicle that was missing her mouth and all over the gorgeous herringbone floors of the office I was in, thanks to the Novocain. My attention was not at all on the subject at hand as I heard her whimpering in the corner.

I did something that surprised me, as I am one who thinks she will get it all done. I simply stated to the 5 people in the room that I was not paying attention, my kid needed me and could we finish the business at hand at a later date.  They all complied.  It was that easy and as I grabbed my girl and we left, she looked at me and said, "Thanks Mommy you are the best!" Like Sardo said, “Being a Mother is the highest paid job in the world. Since the payment is pure LOVE.” I may add, as I have said many times before, the hardest as well. 45 minutes earlier, she yelled at me that I was the worst Mom because if I loved her I would never have brought her to the dentist… Same kid.

Sometimes its so hard not to react, especially when I'm so burnt out from burning it on both ends…  and I don’t mean out all night partying.

Every mom I talk to lately feels the same… soooooo tired from doing it all. “We need Super Powers!” they say.

You have them… Take inventory ladies, your super powers are within and you just need to tap that source!  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “You are a Super Mom…” when the last thing I felt like was a Super Mom.  Exactly why women need other women… We are all Super Moms… It is part of the job description. Fighting for balance and justice for all! We have the power to take control of the time and be faster than a speeding bullet. We even have the power to stop time for a moment and give ourselves a hand and a pat on the back or a glass of Rosé… The key to being a Super Mom is knowing our limits!

Like I tell my girls over and over, “just do your best!”  That’s what I do… and I know it will never please all, but as long as I never compromise my needs and some of my wants… I am doing my best as a woman and therefore as a Mom.