Monday, September 23, 2013

Beach in a Box

Beach in a Box

The minute conflict erupts in my house, I quickly suggest an art project or activity to distract…

My 9 year old came up with the idea of using old shoeboxes to create a beach in a box… “we can take summer and the beach with us everyday and I can show & share about my summer!”

My 6 years olds agreed, as this was a great Polly Pocket backdrop….

My girls gathered shells & sand from our summer beach adventures, along with pipe cleaners, fabric, paint, glitter, pom poms…miscellaneous odds and ends and went to town…

Tiny fingers swirled together sand, glitter & glue to create a sandy multi-colored ocean floor. Dark blues and purples are painted on the inside panels of the box for the water, sea glass is glued together in groups to create hiding places for magical ocean creatures, hammocks made of fabric scraps are held up by wooden sticks on either side…umbrellas and beach chairs sit in the sand…possibilities are endless.