Tuesday, November 20, 2012



0900 hours

Corner of magnolia & Something

North Hollywood

I am in my car, once again pulled over on the side of the road reading a text from my husband (Michael):

“Babe at Costco… We have a van and are stocking up for the compound… We are preparing for emergency situations…

Just taking care of my family…”

My man in his true form… warrior… hunter… ape… doing his job… providing for his family…

He and his friend- 2 apes in the midst- of Costco (he has never been to Costco) until today.

They are preparing for… The Big One… Armageddon… whichever comes first.

They have a plan. It includes motorcycles, guns and helicopters.

My vivid imagination gets the best of me…I see myself trying to maneuver a motorbike with my kids on the back… another scenario enters my frontal lobe as I picture myself climbing over ruble for hours trying to get my kids from school…

In the wake of Sandy, earthquakes in Guatemala and Elections… It would be wise to have a plan.

Michael has seen first hand the destruction of our planet. He believes in karma and Mother Nature is pissed off.

“Mother Nature will kick us in the ass until we do something or she will simply give the world a reboot!” His words.

Life happens, there is so much we cannot prepare for. In situations we could be prepared and weren’t we do deserve a swift kick in the ass… cess your situations people.

My sister is still evacuated from her apartment with 2 kids in NYC. She is fortunate and can afford to stay in a hotel and buy extra clothes for her kids. The 1st hotel they were in lost power, so they moved uptown. A blessing in disguise as her room is a few doors down the hall from Justin Beiber.

All of a sudden, disaster is not looking so bad for kids under the age of 8.

If a disaster does happen… or as The 2 apes at Costco are so eloquently telling me, when it does happen…

We better be prepared!

My husband is on fire, he has now called, and I put the phone on speaker and listen…

“We need a month food supply… When the Port in Long Beach shuts down…there will be a 3-day food supply… Remember Rodney King… Mayhem

We must designate an out-of-area contact person…”

A few years back I purchased some Red Cross back packs… I don’t even know where they are.

“ To be prepared against surprise is to be trained.

To be prepared for surprise is to be educated.”

Wise words… I forget who spoke them but so true…

A plan does a family good.

Who wants to think of The BIG ONE coming? I certainly do not want to instill fear in my kids, but they ask questions, they hear stories.

I remember when I had my first baby and I knew nothing of being a parent. Someone told me to always talk to my baby and let her know what was going to happen next.

The same applies here.

Much more comforting knowing the “play by play.” As I ponder the plan, I realize there is something cathartic about having as much figured out as possible in case of emergency.

If we listen to the Mayans the end of the world is right around the corner- December 21, 2012.

Like anything there is always two sides. I prefer to look at the Mayan calendar as not the end but rather the beginning of a new cycle.

In the words of Goethe…

“Life belongs to the living,

and he who lives must be prepared for changes.”