Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sunday, February 3, 2013
11:10 pm

February 3? Really? Already?
How did that happen?
I take a deep breath…
The thought of time fleeting tightens my innards.
Stay in the moment Kimberly… don’t future fuck yourself (excuse my French, I shall use FF from here on out).
I seek refuge in the quiet of my house. 
All are sleeping, but me… I am restless… consumed with to do list’s: nary a sugarplum dancing in my head. 
I walk outside with my computer under my arm and find comfort on a sofa with a view.  My right brain says “work”, but my left-brain is too distracted.
The San Fernando Valley sparkles in the distance with what looks like a half moon sitting high in the sky amidst the stars.
What a difference a week makes.
Last Sunday’s full moon and it’s residual effects reeked havoc all around me. The ‘lunartics’ were out in full force.
It seemed as though everyone I encountered was possessed. Not to mention: our home alarm kept going off, the toilet malfunctioned, my washer exploded, the phones didn’t work, the baby sitter was sick, my husband was away, sick kid, had to cancel meetings… I had to do it all…
And that’s not even getting into how the moons cycle directly affected me. Takes a ‘lunartic’ to know one!
I have to admit finding grace in the middle of the chaos was challenging (to say the least).
The moon holds a mystical place in our history and it effects each of us. Werewolves and lunacy and our minds heightened activity… oh my!
I found myself at a Krispy Kreme drive thru… The moon made me do it!
My 5 year olds words went from “I want a new mommy” to “You are the best mommy in the whole galaxy” in less than 5 minutes… moon speak!
It’s the heightened ‘moontivity’ in my mind that gives necessity to repeating the words  “STOP FF’ing yourself”. My mind combined with the situations that kept presenting themselves, reinforced the need to stay in the moment. It’s how our glorious universe works.
I found myself sitting on a weeks worth of laundry with a sick little girl burrowing beside me; we were laughing and laughing. Not a care in the world, simply because I was in the moment. Me and my girl and nothing else mattered… no cancelled meetings… no broken appliances… no shortage of time. 
Just the two of us, in the moment is all we needed. It’s usually all we do require to get back on track and allow life to become simpler… easier. 
My girlfriend who was visiting said she would have been crying to the laundry pile. And after the ‘lunartic’ plumber declared, “he had never seen a toilet do that…” She exclaimed she needed a drink. I had to laugh… I can’t control the lunartics, but I can control how I react to them. 
FYI… the Next full moon is on February 25th.
My quiet is interrupted by a pack of noisy coyotes… Bottom line is, full moon or no moon, we are all ‘lunartics’!