Sunday, December 23, 2012

Are you there Santa? It's me Kimberly...

I know this is your busiest time of the year as it is Sunday and tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
I get it… our jobs have a lot in common... as a Mom there are so many children (young and old) to please and places to be. How can one person possibly do it all?
I often wish I could duplicate myself, but alas… 
You seem to have managed this ‘multi tasking business’ quite well, although one of my five-year-old twins wondered why your beard was longer and you looked a bit shorter at the Sella’s Christmas party compared to 2 days prior at The Grove. My explanation that you were exhausted seemed to suffice for the moment.  She quickly responded, “like you Mommy when your back hurts and you slump a little?”  Exactly!
Perhaps next year you should have a beard length and height requirement for your doppelgangers.
I have considered writing this letter many times over the last week. My daughters keep telling me that you are not going to know what I want unless you have my list.
However, every time I try to find the moment to translate the thoughts to words, I was distracted by the fact that the countdown to Christmas had begun… 7 days, 6 days… and I had not done any Christmas shopping. 
So much to my dismay I became an Amazon shopper. To get over my initial “terrible mom for no gifts” apprehension, I imagined Amazon was in the North Pole and a direct link to your elves who would magically turn my clicks into an Easy Bake Oven and Ugg boots. 
I got caught by my 8 year old as I was perusing the Justin Beiber cut outs. I quickly explained, “ You know Moms & Dads are Santa’s helpers…”  I know she is a Belieber, not sure if she is still a Santa believer. She saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause last year!
How did Christmas creep up on me?  I feel like it was yesterday that I was downing cookies and carrots, so the girls knew you had come. I got your back Santa. 
I also have a confession to make. I have used your name in vain a lot over the last few weeks.
“Better Listen... Better be nice…  Santa is watching… He sees it all…”
I laughed at the grocery store when I overheard a mother tell her 3 year old son trying to climb out of the shopping cart that Santa has cameras in every light, so he better sit down. He did in under a second. I laugh because I have done endless variations of that theme.
You would think I have learned already that bribery gets me nowhere. Yet, I still do it. The fact is my kids don’t need anything. I got away with no gifts for Hanukkah (we gave to others in need) but only because they knew Christmas was coming. I want them to know that strength comes from not what we have but what we give. All they seemed concerned with is why there is no Menorah Man.
Listen Santa, we need each other, so please lets work together. According to children everywhere… you deliver!
So, here is my list...
The first thing I want is Peace on Earth and goodwill among women and men. Yes, it starts at home… Just thinking if I ask you somehow my kids will respond… 
 2. LOVE
My children think this is not a legitimate request. I just want them to understand that Love makes the world go around and that there is no greater gift then unconditional love- it is what we are. It is love for ourselves that brings us joy, not a Polly Pocket. 
Gandhi said, “The law of love rules mankind. It gives me ineffable joy to go on trying to prove it.”
Please help me prove Gandhi had it right it to my kids!
Understand I/we cannot change anyone other then ourselves (yes I will always have to check if there is pee on the toilet seat). Acceptance is key.  
Take responsibility for our behavior and actions and clean up your room.
Give and receive openly.
Ok Santa, I don’t want to overload you…I understand your plate is full… I will help you out by organizing the pile of Amazon deliveries hidden in the garage.
See you soon!